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At the end of August 2020, Rolex unveiled its new Oyster Perpetual series, which caused quite a stir both inside and outside the watch world when it was first announced. Not only was the colourful lacquer finish endearing, but the movement was also upgraded from 3130 to a more anti-magnetic 3230. size, 41mm was added to replace the original 39mm, but the watch within this assignment was a 36mm. Shortly after the announcement, the watch swept through Little Red Book... Perhaps because the coloured face is more appealing to younger buyers replica rolex watches. Whereas the Oyster Perpetual had previously been the choice of the Matching Sailor Daytona, this generation of the colour-faced Oyster Perpetual is a change from the old days, and is even available on the secondary market for an additional price.

After the launch of the new model, I was intrigued by the photos of the KOLs on Weibo. I liked the sky blue side myself, but after showing it to the Queen, I said I liked the green side, so I called the dealer and ordered both pieces, which led to this assignment. The blue side is hotter than the green side overseas, so I may have to wait a while. I couldn't resist wearing the green side of the Queen's watch when it arrived.

After playing with it for a while, it's not hard to understand why the new model is so hot. The new finish is really beautiful, and dealer called me after delivering it to me and said he saw my piece and ordered a green one for himself, too. The 36mm Oyster Perpetual is a breath of fresh air when steel sports watches are now generally around 40mm, and it's also very friendly for those with small wrists like mine.

1. The body of the watch. The watch arrives with a protective plastic ring around the outer ring, not cutting corners just because it's a low-end line, in line with the GMT models.

2. Accessories at a glance, think about it kinda double buy... The warranty card, the warranty guide and the manual and hanging label are respectively. It really is quite green, and those who buy American stock can consider thinking about getting a piece hahaha. By this time Rolex had used a new warranty card and did not mark my name on the card.

3. The green lacquer is very beautiful in sufficient light. Compared to the stella finish, the coloured finish is now brighter and more glossy I wonder if it will change in a few years or so.

4.The so-called "aperture" is, in my opinion, sportier than the dogtooth ring, but the scratches will also be more visible. The sapphire crystal can be seen slightly above the bezel, which also slightly reduces the possibility of scratches on the bezel.

5.The lugs, very sharp, the condition of the Rolex lugs is one of the easier ways to tell if they have been polished or not. Although more and more watches are now polished with black technology (laser filler gold, etc.), it is increasingly difficult to tell if a watch is of initial colour.

6.Models with Oyster in their name now naturally use an Oyster steel bracelet. For higher-end models such as the Ditonnas, the middle part of the strap is brushed, which makes it a little more resistant to scratches.

7.I'm not particularly bothered by the fact that the crown of the watch is not correct. To ensure water resistance, the Oyster Perpetual has a screw-in lockable crown.

8.The sides are also mirror-polished and very prone to fingerprints and scratches.

9.The clasp on the Oyster Perpetual is relatively easier to operate than the locking clasp on the Coke Circle GMT, and the middle section is brushed to make it less prone to scratches.

10.The internal finish of the folding clasp is also more refined, with a polished finish.

11.Personally, I welcome the fact that more and more big brands are introducing watches with coloured dials, and I'm more of a fan of this myself. Colourful dials inject more life into a watch than the traditional neutral colour dials such as black, white and grey. And the big brands have executed this idea very well, as there is a clear trend towards a younger watch industry, with all sorts of new materials, new designs and a riveting effort to expand the buyer base. Of course, the biggest beneficiaries of this trend are us, the consumers, who are able to choose from a growing number of fresh and excellent models.

There's really nothing to fault when it comes to wearing it, it's very light and comfortable. I had actually worn it many times by the time of the shoot, but I was quite relieved to see that there were surprisingly few scratches on the polished surfaces, which I was worried about. I'm looking forward to my other watch, the Tiffany Blue Oyster Perpetual.