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Since the childhood dismantling of their own mechanical alarm clock to find out, the love of mechanical watches will be unstoppable, especially love to see the hairspring swing when the magic turn turn turn.

In 15 years, after following the trend to get the first Swiss movement Lauchers Green Water Ghost, compared to the domestic movement more quietly go heartbeat as if with a veil of the beauty of Loulan hidden more fascinating. However, the steel strap strap for a long time or a little heavy, diving chronograph function themselves do not need to add weight, especially the bottom of the winter temperature out moving bricks steel strap is not very friendly.

Since I don't like to take out my mobile phone to verify my fingerprints and face to check the time, and because I was travelling, I became interested in Replica OMEGA Seamaster dual time GMT watches, and once I researched it, I found that this AQUA TERRA watch from the Seamaster series is simply too practical. The watch has a lighter titanium case and a stain-resistant coated nylon strap, and of course, OMEGA's famous 8605 "Co-Axial Movement".

Here's the official description, the watch is also a charity, with OMEGA pledging to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the watch to fully fund the Time for the Planet project.

The lacquered wooden case is still very substantial, the hinges are quite beautiful and the opening buttons are some of the most elaborate I've seen.

The case is turned over and protected by a flocked cloth pad on the bottom.

The watch feels like a work of art when placed inside the case, and the taste is still very positive.

The case comes with a protective travel pouch, a watch identification card and an introduction to the collection.

The instruction booklet is quite thick, in N languages, but only three pages are really useful. The dial is not as large as the diving circle of the Green Ghost, which makes the same size dial look much larger. The dial is a discreet white, quite textured, the red needle is the dual time zone clock, the front instruction manual has the method of adjusting the time quite simple, the clock scale is the triumphant cyberpunk V! The back of the watch lens is surrounded by a variety of identity markers, wonderful planet, anti-magnetic 1W5, si14 and so on, movement polishing compared to the Vanguard Jaeger-LeCoultre upwards slightly poor sense of seniority, but the time is still very accurate a day and a second. A lot of use of titanium, the clasp is also, the strap texture is very like, stronger than the steel strap belt, is a symbol of young people.

The thickness inside the automatic rudder that is quite thin, the front official has the specific size.

Luminous effect without special effects, it feels like emerald green?