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The man 30 and standing, with the career also has a small progress, they are also about to enter the marriage hall, to and the queen before the wedding to prepare for the mutual gifts of the link, choose to my gift, consider a round: the bike has 3 (2 XTR XT configuration, 1 Daxing KBA004 small change), the camera is currently enough (EOS R + 35L II + small white rabbit + EF24-70 2.8 II + S50 + RF85 F2 + 35L2 + EF400 F5.6), the computer ( 9700K+3070) with with the retirement game War Thunder is perfectly adequate, and the game time is getting less and less in the future, so it can be said that there is no shortage of anything if not a fishing man.

So a year has been concerned about automatic mechanical watches, but dare not mention with the Queen, after all, their favorite watches are in the 30,000 to 40,000 price point is really a bit expensive, but still by the wife to see the small mind.

The first concern is the resistance family seahorse 300 vintage series blue steel band (did not pay attention to the seahorse 300 meters, feel a little pompous shape, the future older may not hold), reliable 8XXX movement design, beautiful sandwich dial plus broadsword needle, gorgeous luminous, I personally think the blue plate than the black plate beautiful, the only drawback is that the bezel is made of aluminum, not ceramic.

But at the introduction of a friend began to pay attention to Wanguo, at first glance, I fell in love with the pilot's chronograph 41 series which is very hot in the past two years, although compared to the Little Prince changed to the in-house 69385 movement, but can not help because of the grade of the movement and the poor 46 hours of dynamic reserve, has been torn between the Pegasus 41 and the Seamaster 300 vintage, until the Queen said to me: "the budget can still be raised It was only when the Queen said to me, "I can still raise my budget a bit", and when I asked DG about the Portuguese 7, the price of which was about 2w more expensive than the Pegatron 41, that I started to look at the Portuguese 7-day chain - a model I had never envisaged.

At the moment, I am not considering a blue or black dial, but only a white gold and a white blue dial, but considering that a gold dial is more suitable for older brothers, I chose a white blue dial, model IW500705.
The steel case, 42.3 diameter plus 14.1mm thickness, my small wrist of 16cm is still a bit unsure, but the exquisite 52010 movement + oversized back + 7 days 168 hours of dynamic reserve is really to beat the pilot chronograph 69385 movement, really love it. In fact, I have not worn any jewellery since I was a child, before deciding again, then the Queen said that men should have a piece of their own to commemorate their 30s, so the decision was made painfully, buy replica iwc watches!